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CLIMATE CONNECT INITIATIVE – formerly known as Climate Change Network Nigeria
(CCN-Nigeria) – is a non-profit, national coalition of over 150 diverse civil society organizations from across Nigeria working on promoting climate-friendly Nigeria and sustainable development through multi-sectoral approach and partnership. Climate-Connect is a member of the global civil society Network – Climate Action Network (CAN) International and its West African subsidiary – CANWA. We focus on building a world where people and nature thrive, thus, we are committed to fighting climate change through education, advocacy, and community outreach.
Join us today in our mission to create a sustainable future.


A nature-friendly post-carbon caring society.


Mobilizing, educating and empowering stakeholders for effective climate solutions and sustainable development.

Mission Statement

As a Network, Climate-Connect connects with its member to promote effective climate response through climate education, climate advocacy, and climate community empowerment.

Get Connected and Be Connected to inspire, instigate and impact the World with climate-solution actions


Our mission is to educate communities (stakeholders, partners, youths etc) enhance their capacity and provide resources to help them take action.


We advocate for policies that promote adaptation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and. We advocate for "just transition” to 100% renewables.


We strive to create a climate community or network of individuals and organizations and empower them with capacity to impact and instigate right-based nature and climate solution actions.

Our Approach

At Climate-Connect, we believe in a multi-pronged approach to fighting climate change. We
focus on:

Education & Research

Conducting research on climate change and innovative methods to promote nature-based climate-solution actions.
Empowering stakeholders with access to innovative technologies.
Supporting local economic development (LED) and start-ups to develop renewable

Policymaking & Advocacy

Advocating for nature-based, climate-friendly policies and implementation of SDGs.
Influencing/lobbying policymakers on:
Promoting access to renewable energy for all.
Promoting adaptation best practices
Pushing for climate justice

Community Empowerment

Organizing social empowerment programs such as: climate-connect, climate speak-out or voice out, climate-arts and climate-leader events.
Distributing information on climate change.
Strengthening capacity, knowledge and skills of communities to respond to climate change.

Our Projects and Initiatives

As a Community, Climate-Connect ensures that our members are poised to making a difference in the following areas:

Mitigation Project
We support and promote local recycling programs, create jobs, and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

  • The Million Trees Initiative, Recycling Made Easy, Regenerative/sustainable Agricultural Practices.

Adaptation Project
We help communities strengthen their resilience to climate change impacts and providing alternative livelihoods and local economic development to reduce poverty.

  • Resilient Cities, Climate-Smart Agriculture, Rural-Urban Climate Resilience.

Advocacy/Training Project
We connect and communicate with the communities through our social and educational empowerment programs that would build their capacity to respond with effective actions against climate change.

  • Climate Education, Nature-based Solutions.
  • Renewable Energy, Circular Economy. 
  • Youth Action and Networking, Catch-Them-Young
  • Climate-Connect/Lobbying, Climate-Speak-Out/Voice Out, Climate-Arts and Climate Leaders events.
Get Connected and Be Connected

Our Team

Prof. Emmanuel Olukayode Oladipo

Chair/President of the BoT, Climate Connect

Dr. Priscilla Achakpa

Founder/Global President, Women Environmental Programme (WEP)

Rv. Fr. Patrick John Ngoyi

Executive Director. Justice, Development & Peace Commission (JDPC), Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria

Dr. Abiola Afolabi Akiode

Executive Director, Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARD-C)

Hon. Bridget Anyafulu

Executive Director · Intl Centre For Women Empowerment & Child Dev (ICWECD)

Muslim Idis

Member of the BoT of Climate Connect

Surveyor Efik

Secretary of the BoT and National Coordinator of Climate Connect

Our Team

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